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10 MM Sphatik Mala

10 MM Sphatik Mala

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  • Description
  • Description

    is an original Sphatik crystal Mala with natural beads. Sphatik (Quartz Crystal) Mala helps in concentration and calms the mind. Sphatik cools your body and you can feel its calm and coolness on touching the original crystals.

    Sphatic Mala helps in growth and awareness since it opens the Chakras for meditation and spiritual development.

    It is especially helpful for those whose moon is in wrong place or weak in horoscope.

    Wearing the mala of quartz crystal strengthens purpose in life, reduces stress, supports healing abilities and helps with balance in life.

    Benefits of Sphatik spadigam Mala:

    • Sphatik / Quartz crystal is conducts energy and is supposed to work against negative effects and thoughts.
    • Wearing or chanting with it is beneficial to worship Devi Ma esp. Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati
    • Sphatik Mala is useful for people to ameliorate weak moon or to please Shukra planet
    • Sfatic Mala helps to reduce heat or anger of the person by giving them a cool and calm mind

    P.S. Medium Size Sphatik rosary is ideal for daily wearing while L and XL sizes are good for chanting. Diamond cut gives better sparkle due to bead being handcrafted with more than 32 faces.

    Here is the picture of Natural Sphatik Quartz crystal mined from below the earth:

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